The fixed price for a Standard CGi is only £375.00 ex. VAT

Image Size

2800 x 2000 pixels (higher resolution than Full HD)

237 x 169mm (prints within A4 @300dpi)

With payment in two parts

Step 1 £187.50 ex. VAT

Step 2 £187.50 ex. VAT

see our Process >>

Optional Extras

Additional Standard Camera Views

Sometimes one view will not show all the critical areas of your building project. During Step 2, you will have the choice of different camera views (see our Process >> ).

Our base CGi price includes one Standard size camera view. You can select any additional Standard size camera views required for only £75.00 ex. VAT each.

Large Image Size

During Step 2 camera view selection, you can also specify a higher print resolution if required per individual image.

Large CGi details:
Resolution 4200 x 3000 pixels Print 356 x 254mm (within A3 @ 300 dpi)

Large image cost (per image): £125.00 ex. VAT. Price includes a Standard size version.

Large CGi Timescales:
3-4 working days from order

Max Image Size

We also offer a Max image size if you require large format print.

Max CGi details:
Resolution 7000 x 5000 pixels Print 593 x 423mm (within A2 @ 300 dpi)

Max image cost (per image): £200.00 ex. VAT. Price includes a Standard size version.

Max CGi Timescales:
3-4 working days from order

Specifying a Component

We offer an extensive library of components (doors, windows, rainwater goods, etc.). Alternatively, if you require any particular building components for your image, we can include these for £0.00 ex. VAT per specific component.

Specifying a Material

Do you have a specific building material in mind (bricks / tiles / cladding / etc.)? Whether you have a link to a manufacturer’s website or just a photograph, we can add bespoke building materials to your CGi for £0.00 ex. VAT, per item.

Duplicate Your Project to Visualise Alternative Materials / Components

Would you like to see your CGi in a different building material or component style? You can copy your project after completing Step 2 and then amend any/all library components or materials for £187.50 ex. VAT, per duplicate project. Charges for optional extras would still apply.

Would you like us to add People / Cars ?

We always produce a version of your project where our artists place suitable cars and people. We make this CGI available as an additional image for optional purchase in your Customer Area. Additional Standard size CGI with people/cars are only £75.00 ex. VAT each.




Need Interiors, Photomontage or Animation ?

Our experienced Architectural Visualisation team can help you with any CGI requirement you have.

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