House CGI in Alternative Materials

One of the benefits of our process and web app is that you can quickly generate a second house CGI in alternative materials for only £187.50 (ex.VAT).

What materials can you change?

You can change just one or all of your previous selections (including your selected camera views).
If you want to change, for example, the external red brick from your original specification to a buff brick on the new house CGI, that will take you a couple of clicks of the mouse. Want to change all your building materials and door and window styles? That will take you a little longer, but typically the whole of Step 2 of our process can be re-selected in 20 mins.

What is the process used to create a house CGI in alternative materials?

After you have completed Step 1 of our process and uploaded your architectural design information and site location details, we’ll need three working days to complete the initial 3D work on your project.
Then we’ll ask you to return to our site and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

This step is where you can choose your:
Camera Views from a selection created by our 3D artists.
Components from our extensive library, or you can upload specific details.
Materials again select from our library, or upload your detailed information.

Once you have completed Step 2 of our house CGI Process, you can then repeat this process via your customer area. Again, you can change one or all of your previous selections (and that includes your selected camera views).

Computer Generated Image showing the same rear elevation of a detached new build home three times, each time with a variation of building materials. House CGI Created by CGi Builder.

So how is a house CGI in alternative materials beneficial?

  • If you have a project and are considering two exterior wall materials and would like to see the effect of changing the materials to your scheme producing two CGI to compare the differences is a simple solution.
  • If you are a property developer with the same house type on a site and need CGI of both variations of the house type for marketing and off-plan sales, then our process and system offer a cost-effective proposal.

How the costs break down

(Prices shown exclude VAT)

Step 1 (Supply of Project Information) £187.50
Step 2 (Views, Components & Materials selection) £187.50
Total £375.00
Alternative Material Selection (Step 2 Repeat) £187.50
Grand Total £562.50

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