Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can order higher print sizes (Large or Max) from the Step 3 – Download section of your Customer Area.

From your Customer Area under Step 3 – Downloads you can duplicate your project and change one or all of your view/component/material selections for only £225 (inc. VAT)

If you need to change any drawings or information you supplied please contact us within 4 (working) hours of submitting your order, quoting your Project Reference. We will then Pause your project until you supply new drawings.

Once the 4 (working) hour grace period has passed production will commence, and from that point unfortunately you cannot change any of the information supplied

We are constantly expanding our library, but if you need anything specific, you can specify any materials or components you require.
You can either supply a website link or a photo.

Bespoke materials: £0.00 ex. VAT
Bespoke components: £0.00 ex. VAT

You can amend your order within 4 (working) hours of placing. Please contact us quoting your Project Reference we will then Pause your project and send you a link to add any additional views.
If you miss the 4 hour amend deadline you will still be able to purchase additional views from your Customer Area once your CGI has been created.

Please contact us quoting your Project Reference within 4 (working) hours of placing an order to amend or cancel.

The only exception is the purchase of any additional Standard CGI from the Customer Area > Step 3 – Downloads, as these CGI are made available immediately upon payment these orders cannot be amended or cancelled.

Unfortunately, due to the process involved in our image production, we can only supply your CGI as a .jpg file.

CGI are not a mandatory requirement but obviously will help to explain your scheme. Your Local Authority Planning Department will be able to advise you on your particular application.

Please see Pricing >> for details of our print sizes and costs

Please Contact >> us, we prefer Credit Card payment but we can arrange an invoice if your company prefers. Unfortunately, as an online business, we do not offer credit and work will only commence once an invoice has been settled. Please note our delivery timescales are based on Credit Card payments, invoicing may delay our process.

In compliance with our Privacy Policy within 3-7 months of project completion, we will delete your customer information and project(s). You can return to your Customer Area and download your CGI as often as required. After a project has been archived we can retrieve CGI for a charge of £50.00. If you have a project coming up and do not want us to delete your account just Contact >> us.

Many Architects use software that will produce a 3D rendered image; however, a CGI is often an additional service/expense and often is outsourced, so if your architect can’t provide a CGI in-house, please give them our details 😀