A Guide for Choosing an Architectural CGI Company

Our service differs from the traditional agency approach to architectural CGI, so this guide to choosing an architectural CGI company has been put together for anyone considering commissioning residential CGI. Our team have worked in the visualisation business long enough to know the information required for a smooth-running project and the issues that can occur from misunderstandings of what’s involved in generating computer generated imagery. 

The Brief – Design Pack and Requirements

Before approaching an architectural CGI company, you will need to get together an information pack including the following:

  • Your design drawings, (plans, elevations, site plan and any construction details). Existing site photographs are also helpful.
  • How many camera views do you require?
  • How large will you need your image to be? Are you going to view on screen and share digitally, print it in a brochure or publication, or use it on a site hoarding?

Architectural CGI Company - architectural drawing

Questions to Consider when Speaking to an Architectural CGI Company:

  1. Based on my brief, what would be your cost?
  2. What is your process?
  3. If I was to commission you, how soon could you start?
  4. How long will it take to produce my CGI?
  5. Are there any possible extras I should be aware of?
  6. Is the work going to be carried out by artists with experience in UK construction and architectural detailing?
  7. Will the work be carried out overseas?
  8. When do I need to finalise my building materials/specifications?
  9. Can I see examples of similar projects to mine you have completed?
  10. What are your payment terms?
  11. How will my final CGI be supplied?
  12. How can I track the progress of my CGI?
  13. What support do you offer?
  14. If you do not have the final design drawings: Can I develop my design whilst you amend the CGI in tandem?
  15. How much would it cost to produce a version of my CGI with a different specification of wall material?
  16. If I decide I would like another camera view further down the line, what would the cost and timescales be?
  17. Do you only work residential sector?
  18. Are your prices excluding VAT?


If you are speaking to other CGI Visualisation companies, this is how we compare…

  1. Our fixed prices are £375 ex.VAT for your first view, £75 ex.VAT for any alternative views you require.
    See Pricing>>
  2. Our CGI Process is Three Simple Steps
    • Step 1 Upload your Drawings
    • Step 2 Choose your view, components and materials
    • Step 3 Download
      See Process>>
  3. Work will start on your project on the next working day after receiving your order.
  4. It takes us ten working days to produce the standard-size images for your project. If you need more time to finalise your project specification, then just add that time to our timescale. If you would like an A3 image size we’ll need an additional 3-4 days from order, and an A2 takes 3-4 days from order.
  5. If you want an A3 print size, it’s an extra £125.00 ex.VAT, if you want an A2 it’s an extra £200 ex.VAT
  6. Our team have either previously worked in UK architectural practices or UK architectural visualisation companies or has first-hand experience in UK residential construction.
  7. We carry out all the work here in the UK, even in the Winter when it’s wet and cold 🙂
  8. As part of our process, we won’t complete your CGI until you have completed Step 2 and confirmed your view, component and material choices. You can take as long as you need. We’ll just need 3-4 days to finish your CGI from your Step 2 order.
  9. Residential CGI is our specialism head over to our Gallery>> we have lots of examples.
  10. To complete Step 1, you’ll need to pay £187.50 (ex.VAT). To complete Step 2, you’ll need to pay £187.50 (ex.VAT) plus any extra for a Large (A3) or Max (A2) print size. Payment is through our website, but we can issue an invoice if you prefer, but this will extend our delivery timescales. Unfortunately, we do not offer credit.
  11. Your final CGI will be available through the download section of your customer area as a .jpg file.
  12. In the Customer Area of our website you’ll be able to:
    See the status of your project
    Download VAT Receipts
    • See a record of the design information you supplied at Step 1
    • See a record of the view, component and material selections you made at Step 2
    Download your CGI
  13. We can be contacted through our contact form>> and will usually reply upon receipt during working hours (but in busy times, we may need a little longer). There is also an instant chat available on our website (during working hours). Most queries are resolved quickly by email or ‘chat’, but if it’s easier to have a quick conversation, we’ll give you a call or set up a Zoom.
  14. Unfortunately, we do not offer design development as it is difficult to produce a fixed price and timescales for an evolving project.
  15. You can change any number of materials for £187.50 (ex.VAT) per CGI.
  16. You can return to your Customer Area anytime and order alternative views for £75 (ex.VAT)each. Standard views are available upon order, Large size images are  £125 (ex.VAT) and available in 3-4 days, and Max size images are £200 (ex.VAT) and available in 3-4 days from order.
  17. CGi Builder™ specialises in residential architectural CGI.
  18. We are a VAT registered business, and we quote prices excluding VAT.

Architectural CGI Company images - views of a 3D rendered house by CGi Builder


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