CGI for the Self Builder

CGI for the Self Builder - two computer generated images one showing a detached new build house and the other a barn conversion project

CGI Builder™ specialises in CGI for the self builder. Our easy-to-use website and 3D production process allow us to offer high-quality house CGI at an affordable price.

What exactly is CGI?

CGI is an acronym for Computer Generated Image. We use several computer software applications to produce an image file. 3D image, 3D render, computer rendering, and architectural visualisation are terms sometimes used to refer to a computer-generated image.

Isn’t CGI really expensive and only for large architectural projects?

Well, it used to be, but like everything in our modern world, software gets better, and techniques get quicker. We developed this website and refined an image production pipeline that allows us to offer fixed-price CGI for £375 (ex.VAT).

What are the benefits of CGI for the Self Builder?

1. They allow you to fully understand and approve your new home’s architectural design

When we look at a two-dimensional technical drawing, it can take time to understand the form of the design entirely. In the ‘real world’, when you look at a building, you would never see it ‘flat on’; it’s not how our eyes work. Instead, we see colour, textures, light and shade, which allows us to perceive depth.

Although planning drawings often will indicate materials (i.e. brick pattern), they might not show colour or texture. With a CGI, you can view your project as you would in real life with daylight, texture, shadows, colour and reflection. A CGI of your scheme will allow you to appreciate your architect’s design better than from 2D black and white ‘flat’ elevations and plans. Considering the build cost of a self build project, the investment in CGI to ensure you get it right is a worthwhile consideration. Our CGI are only £375 (ex.VAT) (which we know is highly competitive) because we have aimed our offering at the self build market.

2. CGI for the Self Builder allows you to experiment with materials before making a final decision

CGI for the Self Builder - Computer generated images showing the same detached new build home in two different wall and roof finishes.

Obviously, it’s much easier to build a wall on a computer model than in real life. With a few simple clicks (ok, a slight exaggeration), your external walls can be brickwork, timber cladding or metal standing seam. With our process, once you have completed Step 2 and selected your materials, you can then create an alternative version of your scheme in different materials for only £187.50 (ex.VAT). 

3. CGI helps you explain your project to others

Although CGI are not a requirement as part of your planning application submission, it can assist in the understanding your scheme. Also, if you are speaking to financiers, potential new neighbours or friends and family, a CGI will have more impact than a set of outline plans and elevations.

Why Choose Us for CGI for the Self Builder?

  • We specialise in CGI for the self builder and residential projects. See our Gallery>>
  • Fixed prices on everything we offer. Find out more about our Pricing>>
  • Our online process allows you to choose your:
    • View of the scheme (from a range generated by our artists)
    • Building Components (such as doors and windows)
    • Building Materials (such as bricks and roof tiles)

This gives you the flexibility to decide on your final specification before we create your CGI. For more details see our Process>>

  • If you are unsure about your final choice of building materials, our system allows you to change materials on a completed CGI project for only £199.50 (inc. VAT). So if you would like to see your project in two different versions of materials, our process provides a cost-effective solution.
  • We’re a UK company and available during office hours should you need any support using our website.

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