CGI for Property Developers

Property development plans and a Computer generated image of a luxury semi-detached house on a property development. Image by CGi Builder.

CGi Builder’s website and streamlined 3D image process make CGI for Property Developers or selling agents affordable, even for small developments.

Computer-generated imagery has been a valuable tool for off-plan property development sales since the late 1990s. Demand for CGI from prospective buyers has increased heavily in recent years with people’s exposure to CGI through advertising or entertainment. Potential buyers for any new build property need to be confident in their purchase, and a CGI of a new home provides the reassurance that 2D technical drawings can’t offer. However, CGI has often been considered too expensive for low-unit developments of one or two units. So we developed our website and 3D processes to allow us to offer high-quality house CGI at extremely competitive costs, no matter how large, or small your property development.

First view of a detached or semi-detached property:
£375 (ex.VAT)

Additional Views of the same scheme are only:
£75 (ex.VAT)

The only additional expense you may want to consider is purchasing a Large (A3) £125 (ex.VAT) or Max (A2) £200 (ex.VAT) sized image. But, of course, clients can always return to their customer area and purchase CGI in different sizes at any time.

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Examples of recent CGI for Property Developers


SES Lifestyle Developments Two semi-detached luxury homes in Kensal Green, London read more>>
KG Property Development Ltd. Two semi-detached houses in Rochester, Kent read more>>

Need us to add people and cars to your Property Development CGI?

Marketing companies and selling agents often like images to include people and cars. At our artist’s creative direction, we will add appropriate cars to driveways or parking spaces and people by entrance doors. These versions of your CGI will be made available from your Customer Area for only an additional £50 (inc.VAT) per CGI.

Adding the detail produces a realistic house CGI

We appreciate that planning drawings will not show construction details. However, our 3D artists will ensure details such as guttering, down pipes and lead flashing to roofs are added to property development CGI. Our UK-based production and quality control team have either worked in architect’s practices or specialised in architectural visualisation, and most have worked on home improvement projects. We use this experience in the production of our property CGI.

Enlargements of computer generated images showing architectural construction detailing around an entrance door and roof eaves by CGi Builder.

Our Simple 3-Step Process>> for the production of CGI for Property Developers

Step 1

Quickly upload your architectural design drawings to our website with any relevant site photographs.

We’ll then need three working days to carry out our preliminary 3D work or your scheme.

Step 2

Return to our website.

  • Select a camera view for your house CGI from a range generated by our experienced artists.
  • Choose your components from our extensive library or by uploading details of any specific items.
  • Select your materials, again, either from our library or by uploading details.

It takes us four working days to create a CGI after the client completion of Step 2.

Step 3

Return to your customer area to download your CGI to market your property development. You can always return to your customer area to order different print sizes of your image or purchase alternative views at any time.

Using the same house type but with different materials on your property development?

Once a CGI project has completed Step 2 of our process (view, material and component selection) via your customer area, you can repeat Step 2 for your project and select different materials and components and even camera views for only £187.50 (ex.VAT).

Computer generated image of the same detached new build house but in different building materials.


Want to purchase an alternative camera view later down the line?

Return to your Customer Area at any time and purchase any of the alternative CGI we have created for £75 (ex.VAT) per view.

Other benefits that our CGI for Property Developers process and website provide:

  • Fixed CGI prices. Making it easy to budget and control your CGI spend
  • High-Quality CGI. See our Gallery>> of work.
  • Guaranteed timescales. We only need seven working days to complete your CGI or four working days after you complete Step 2 if you need more time with your building specification.

How do we keep our prices so low?

  • Our team are experts in property visualisation, and we always take the creative lead on all projects. This approach produces a consistent image quality and saves considerable time in image production.
  • We only work on final design drawings and currently do not offer a design development service.

Want to discuss anything further?

The best ways to contact us are:
Via our Contact Form>> usually replied to upon receipt
On-site ‘chat’. Click the blue chat icon on the bottom right of your screen Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm
We will always call you or set up a Zoom meeting if required.


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