CGI for Homeowners

computer generated images of two new build detached houses by CGi Builder

CGi Builder™ specialises in CGI for homeowners. Are you thinking of extending your home or building a new one? Once your architect or designer has completed their design work, our CGI allow you to see an image of your extension or new home as a 3D-rendered (computer-generated) image. We have developed a process and website that makes house CGI affordable to the homeowner with fixed prices of:

£375 (ex.VAT) for the first CGI of your project
£75 (ex.VAT) (each) for any alternative views you require

See Pricing>> for more information

What are the benefits of CGI for homeowners?

  • With a CGI, you can fully appreciate the design of your proposed improvement work or new build home.
  • Using our process, you can specify one set of materials for the first CGI of your project and then change as many materials as you require for only £187.50 (ex.VAT).
  • It can be challenging to imagine how your project will look from 2D ‘flat’ plans and elevations.

A CGI can be helpful to explain your proposed project to:

  • Owners of neighbouring properties to your proposed work
  • Financiers who may be lending funds allow you to undertake your project
  • Local Authorities (although CGI is not a requirement for planning submission, it can assist in convincing officers of the merits of your scheme
  • Family and friends
Computer generated image of the same detached new build house but in different building materials. by CGi Builder

The same new build detached house shown in alternative external wall materials to the first floor.

What information do you need to supply?

All you need are your architectural design drawings and a few photos of your site or home where the construction work will take place.

example of architectural planning application plans and elevation of a new build detached house

Our Simple 3-step Process>> to create CGI for homeowners.

Step 1

You can upload all your files to our website when you press Start>>
We take a payment of £187.50 (ex.VAT) to complete this step and start your CGI project.

We’ll need three working days to create an initial 3D model of your project.

Step 2

We’ll email you to return to our website, and then you can choose:

Camera Views
Our artists will have created a range of views of your project for you to select your preferred view (or views). We offer three sizes of image:

Standard (for screen and A4 paper, the first view is included)
Large (A3) £125 (ex.VAT)
Max (A2) £200 (ex.VAT)

You can either select these now or purchase them after your image is downloaded (if required)


We have a wide range of building components in our library, such as doors, windows, guttering, etc.; if you need something specific, upload details.

Again, we have a vast library of building materials in our library to choose from, bricks, roof tiles, cladding, etc., and if there is something specific you need, you can upload details.

We take a payment of £187.50 (ex.VAT), plus any additional views or larger print requirements to complete Step 2.

We’ll need four working days to create your CGI, and we’ll then email you to return to our website.

Step 3

Download your CGI from your customer area. We’ll keep your files available so you can return to re-download or order larger print sizes if needed.

Want to find out more about CGI for homeowners?

Drop us a line here>> (we’ll reply upon receipt)
Or we can chat (during working hours); click the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.
We can always arrange a call or Zoom to discuss your project further.


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