CGI for Architects

A computer generated image showing the outside of two different new build projects. One a pair of luxury semi-detached houses, the other a single detached house. Images produced by CGi Builder.

We specialise in residential CGI for architects working in the housing and property sector. Client requirements and expectations for CGI have grown massively in recent years. Most people are accustomed to seeing a 3D representation of something that does not exist, whether through advertising or entertainment.

Our team are experts in house CGI production, and we have developed a streamlined production process to produce realistic images.

The secret to high-quality CGI for architects is in the detail

Construction realism comes from the architectural detail included within our CGI. For example, small-scale planning elevations won’t show guttering or lead flashing on roofs, but these are the typical details we will add to our images to increase realism. In addition, sunlight and shadows (linked to site location) and material textures (timber, metals, bricks, tiles, etc.) all accurately depict the scheme.

Two zoomed in computer generated images showing architectural detail created on CGI project by CGi Builder.

Experienced UK Team producing CGI for architects

Our 3D artists and quality control team have either worked in architecture or architectural visualisation, and most have worked on home improvement projects. So we understand construction details and carry this experience level in our CGI.

A photo showing an architect looking over some printed architectural floor plans.

Want to experiment with alternative construction materials for your architectural CGI?

Our unique process allows you to sign off materials with your client before we produce your final image, allowing you to amend any required specifications before committing to the final CGI. In addition, if you need to generate a version of your proposed scheme with different materials, you can easily accomplish this through our process for an additional £187.50 (ex.VAT).

Computer generated images showing the same detached house with a different construction material to the first floor. One version of the image has brickwork to the first floor, the other vertical cedar cladding. Images by CGi Builder.

Our Simple 3-Step Process>>

Step 1

  • Upload your design files and any site reference photos to our website (we accept .dwg, .dxf or .pdf files)
  • Provide the site address
  • Add any notes about the scheme we should be aware of, i.e. If you require a specific view, please provide details (position, height, focal length) with your Step 1 files.

within 6-7 working days

Step 2

Return to our website to select

  • Camera View : Our artists will have generated several views of your scheme for you to choose from
  • Components : Select from our library of windows, doors, rainwater goods, etc. or upload details of specific products
  • Materials : Again, choose from our library of external wall materials, roofing materials, hard landscaping, etc., or upload details

within 3-4 working days

Step 3

  • Return to our website and download your files from your customer area.

Your images will remain in your download area. You can return any time to order larger print sizes or alternative views or to repeat Step 2 and produce an image of your scheme in different materials.

How we keep our CGI for Architects Prices>> so low

  • Taking the creative lead on image production results in a low price and quick image turnaround
  • We only work from finalised designs. Although we appreciate that 3D software is an excellent tool for design development, this is not a currently available service
  • Our image production process: We only specialise in residential CGI and have developed our in-house production process to be as efficient as possible. Not only does this ensure the images we produce are of consistent quality (see our Gallery>>), but it also allows us to guarantee timescales.

Benefits of using our website application to produce CGI for architects

Although many architectural practices have the software and staff with the ability to produce 3D renders, these take up valuable time or are costly to produce in-house. Our low fixed-price solution allows you to include CGI on every project without the need to obtain quotations for work each time.

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On-site chat : Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm
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